Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has been styling for events since (enter year). We initially started with flowers but also moved on to incorporate balloon designs. We specialize in balloon backdrops, garlands, and arches, which we intersperse with flowers and other props like feathers, ribbon, webbing, etc. to create magnificent decors. 
We mainly cater to Portland, Oregon, and other nearby areas, but we’ve also delivered simple floral arrangements and designed backdrop decorations for Vancouver. If you are not sure if we offer services in your town, contact us to get a quote for our services. For event decorations, our team can travel and make special arrangements.   
As of the moment, we do not have a physical store, but you can get in touch with our team via the contact form on this page, phone, or email to find out more about our various balloon products from backdrops to arches. We have an online catalog you can peruse and choose from. From there, you receive a free consultation to get ideas, we reserve a slot for your event, or you can purchase balloon garlands and even loose balloons.
To make balloons float, we fill them with helium, a non-flammable and non-toxic gas that’s generally safe for humans and the environment. We pre-treat our latex balloons so they will float longer for designs that require this kind of design. Meanwhile, foil balloons will generally float longer than latex, depending on the size.  
We need to make arrangements in advance and order the supplies, especially for elaborate event decorations and during peak seasons like holidays. For this reason, we prefer at least 4 weeks’ notice to make sure we can procure the best raw materials and deliver what you need. But if you have last-minute requests like a simple floral arrangement or balloon garland for a birthday or to give a sick friend, give us a call and we’ll check for availability to see if we can deliver what you need. 
For big events, we require an initial non-refundable 50% deposit and a signed contract to confirm the reservation of your event. Providing you with an estimate doesn’t guarantee date availability for our team. We may also ask for a credit card guarantee if we need to leaven balloon equipment like frames and bases. 
Although we have been known to take last-minute orders, doing so puts you at risk because our team may be unavailable to decorate your party or designs may be very limited. You may also end up paying a rush job fee. For the most favorable results, we recommend that you plan ahead and avoid last-minute orders, even if you have a small, intimate gathering. 
Every event is unique so it is quite difficult to give a specific price. It hinges on the venue, type of balloons selected, design of balloon arches, time frame to set up, and even distance. However, we have basic prices for simple balloon garlands and columns, so contact us and get a free consultation to give you an idea about the cost of professional balloon decoration. 
If you’re in love with a particular design idea, we will do our best to recreate it for you and make your dreams come alive. Let’s do an initial consultation so we can assess if we have the materials to make it happen. We can also give suggestions for alternatives (if necessary) and provide design ideas to ensure your vision board looks at its optimal best. 
It depends on what you want. For simple loose balloons and garland designs, we have themes ready and we always have something for birthdays, anniversaries, welcoming new babies, etc. However, if you require a more elaborate event setup such as for weddings or birthdays, we start customizing days prior because we may need to pretreat balloons and use other special materials to create our final designs. Then we start installing the event decor several hours prior to the start of your party. 
There is no set answer for this because it depends on what you want and needs. But in general, balloon arrangements are very tricky because they can get big and bulky. Setting up on the party site can take several hours, but as professionals, we guarantee to give you top-notch decoration and make sure everything looks pristine for your big event. 
Unfortunately, no because Mother Nature can be very temperamental with the wind, heat, and humidity impacting both balloons and flower arrangements. Although we will do our very best to get outdoor decorations and designs looking their best when assembled, we cannot guarantee that they will look and stay that way from start to finish in the great outdoors. But rest assured that we use professional supplies and equipment for outdoor jobs, and we can give professional insight on the best styles for outdoor events.   
When you book our services, our delivery setup fee is already included in the price quotation. However, if you want us to tear the stuff down, give us a heads up so we can give you an estimate for this added service. But for balloon designs with frames, bases, and equipment, the breakdown is mandatory for our team because we need the framing and other tools back. 
Of course. We all have charities and advocacies that we support. Our success is attributed to the support of our community, so we give back as much as we can. And getting that tax write-off is an added bonus!
Apart from delivering a pretty balloon bouquet or decorating an entire event with balloon garlands and arches, we also do simple floral arrangements, table decorations, and elaborate event styling. We offer various levels of services depending on the type of event, size of venue, and how involved you’d like our team to be. 
We do not accept cancellations for simple balloon bouquets or special occasion floral arrangements. You can only contact us 2 to 3 days ahead to change the date of delivery. However, for big events, you can cancel your orders two weeks prior to the event and we can give you a portion of the fees minus the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations made a week before shall be paid in full because we already reserved the date for you, denied other potential clients, ordering raw materials, and pre-treated balloons. 
You can tell us what you need during the initial design consultation since we are familiar with most of the event locations in town. We can give you balloon and floral arrangement ideas and you can peruse our portfolio. But if you want us to travel to a remote area, certain fees may have to apply. 
Since we pretreat our balloons, they last around 3 to 5 days and look a lot shinier too. Notably, the bigger the balloons, the longer they will last. And as a rule of thumb, foil balloon designs generally last longer than latex ones. However, the former is not biodegradable, but it is reusable. 
We prefer to use our own balloons because of their quality. On top of that, we pretreat these balloons. However, if you want us to use your balloons, we can inflate them and style them for a fee, but we offer no guarantees.
In general, we prefer to use our own raw materials because we are familiar with their quality. But if you are keen on using supplies you have on hand, you can just pay for our services based on the style requirements. However, when you use your own supplies, you have to bear the responsibilities and we can offer no guarantees on how long these balloons, flowers, or embellishments will last. 
For special occasion arrangements like birthday bouquets or anniversary balloons, you can only change the delivery date within 72 hours but not the order itself. However, for big events like weddings, you can change your theme, color scheme, and other details at least four weeks prior to the event date (subject to availability). Changes made after four weeks may entail extra charges so give us a call right away as soon as you change your mind. 
If we have items like framing or other table decorations that you rented out, we make you sign a credit card service guarantee. Any damages will be charged to that. Whatever else is left will be refunded to your card. 
A lost rental will be charged to you. At the start, we let you sign a credit card service guarantee for our protection. Any lost items will be charged to that and the leftover will be refunded back to your card. 
Minor dirt and cleaning will be done by our team as a part of our service agreement. However, heavily soiled or damaged rentals will be charged to you and deducted from the credit card service guarantee we agreed upon. All of this will be stipulated when we sign our contract. 
We offer different floral arrangements for any occasion from simple flower bouquets to large floral backdrops. Our team can help you customize floral bouquets, table decors, and large backdrops. We listen to what you need and assist you in crafting the design you like so we can create an amazing and memorable party ambiance.  
Our balloon arches are made with pre-treated balloons so they can last for at least 3 days. But we cannot guarantee our outdoor designs because of the weather. The wind and humidity will affect the luster of the balloons and can also adversely impact how long they retain air inside. 
We listen to you so give us your ideas and we can recreate any theme or backdrop that you want. We also offer our style inspirations in our gallery to give you even more ideas. We can recreate any type of backdrop with balloons, flowers, and other embellishments. Call us and let’s get started. 
We offer services for all occasions. Our team has years of experience designing simple floral arrangements to create elaborate backdrops for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. From simple home parties to large banquets, we’ve got you covered. 
Check out our website and fill out the form on our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send us an email or give us a call or text using the phone number on our website.