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Amore Events Design specializes in crafting stunning fresh flower arrangements for weddings and corporate events. Our goal is to bring forth the beauty of your vision by seamlessly blending your style and our creativity. With attention to every detail, we will ensure that your flowers are exceptional, stylish, and truly unforgettable. Let's meet, discuss, and work together to create an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Timeless Wedding Flowers That are Always in Season
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of wedding flowers that never fade with the seasons. While exploring this floral realm, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the realization that not all blooms are available year-round. Witness the fleeting beauty of majestic peonies, which truly come to life in the months of May and June. Yet, fear not! There exists an exclusive collection of perennial favorites, forever within the grasp of your wedding florist. Combine these timeless treasures with seasonal blossoms that perfectly align with your chosen wedding date, and behold the creation of breathtaking, on-trend, and budget-friendly arrangements. At Amore Events Design we function as the ultimate guide in crafting picture-perfect blooms that harmonize with your unique style whilst being mindful of your wallet. Prepare to embark on a floral journey that transcends time, captivates your senses, and transports you to a realm of everlasting beauty.
Indulge in the vibrant beauty of Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily. These cheery flowers dazzle in an array of colors – from pure white to radiant pink, invigorating orange, sunny yellow, and majestic magenta. They effortlessly steal the spotlight as a standalone arrangement but also bring charm and texture to bouquets or centerpieces amidst other floral companions. As an added bonus, these delightful blooms boast an impressively long vase life, lasting several weeks before showing any signs of fading.
Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies, renowned for their graceful and curved silhouette, reign supreme as a top choice for timeless weddings. These year-round flowers effortlessly charm with their simplicity and can be showcased solo or paired with other classic blooms like hydrangeas or roses. Explore the stunning range of calla lilies, available in white, orange, purple, pink, burgundy, and multicolor varieties.
Delphinium and Larkspur
If you’re looking to add height and a touch of drama to your floral arrangement, look no further than delphinium and larkspur. With their long, stalk-like stems, these flowers are a year-round favorite. Delphinium is one of those rare flowers that naturally boasts a beautiful blue hue, while the pink, purple, and white varieties, known as larkspur, are actually the same flower. These stunning blooms are a popular choice for summer weddings.
Freesia, the captivating flower, enchants with its long-stemmed blooms adorned with multiple buds or blossoms. Delighting the senses with their sweet fragrance and vibrant hues, freesias range from white and pale yellow to purple, pink, orange, and red. With clusters of blooms on a single stem, this extraordinary flower effortlessly adds flair to any arrangement. Even a few stems make a striking impact. Notably, freesias are a popular choice for boutonnieres, as their stems fan out to create a uniquely decorative shape on the lapel.
Roses, the epitome of romance in wedding flowers. Regardless of color, variety, or arrangement, roses mesmerize. Thanks to hothouse and greenhouse cultivation, they are available all year round. Want a specific aesthetic? Choose from hybrid roses at local stores, delicate spray roses, or seasonal oversized garden roses. Roses, the go-to for classic, glamorous, and fairytale-inspired wedding styles.
Lisianthus, with their year-round availability, boast an exquisite blend of rose-like elegance and carnation-like charm. These captivating flowers flaunt gracefully swirled petals that adorn their long stems. Perfect for beach and rustic weddings, their blossoms come in a delightful array of pastel hues, ranging from delicate pinks and purples to pristine whites and pale yellow-greens.
When it comes to carnations, these year-round flowers are surprisingly versatile and decorative, thanks to their delicate petals and wide range of hues. Whether you prefer classic shades like white, red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, or green, or you opt for the vibrant charm of multicolored varieties, carnations can easily be dyed to suit your preferences.
Stephanotis, with its star-shaped blooms, has gained popularity for its delicate and distinctive appearance. This white flower, boasting five points, blooms throughout the year and is commonly used in bridal bouquets. However, its elegance is just as captivating when incorporated in boutonnieres for centerpieces. To enhance its beauty, florists frequently adorn the open, tube-like center of the stephanotis flower with pearl or rhinestone pins, adding a touch of refinement.
Orchids are an all-time favorite choice for weddings, and it’s no wonder why. With over 20,000 species worldwide, there’s an orchid to suit every season, style, and budget. These stunning flowers effortlessly steal the spotlight as they grace your arrangements, making them a memorable addition. Popular wedding orchids include cymbidium, dendrobium, and phalaenopsis – also known as moth orchids, perfect for both decorative pots and elegant home décor.
Often mistaken for garden roses, gardenias are a top choice for romantic and sophisticated weddings. With their exquisite fragrance and lush, white petals, these flowers add a touch of elegance to any setting. Native to the sunny South, gardenias thrive in hot climates, making them a perfect choice for year-round beauty. Whether they are arranged as centerpieces, incorporated into bouquets, or worn as a captivating hair accessory, gardenias are sure to make a statement.
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley, an enchanting choice for wedding flower arrangements, boasts adorable bell-shaped blossoms that will captivate you. It’s no wonder that Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge both chose this year-round flower for their wedding bouquets, making it a royal favorite.
Baby’s Breath
Don’t underestimate the power of baby’s breath! This fluffy flower isn’t just reserved for rustic weddings anymore. Whether you’re planning a laid-back outdoor celebration or a more elegant affair, baby’s breath is making a comeback as one of the hottest wedding flower trends. While it’s traditionally white, you can also spray-paint or dye it in various colors to add an unexpected twist to your special day.
Brompton stock
With its long stems and clusters of small, round blooms, stock flower, also known as Brompton stock or matthiola, adds a whimsical touch to centerpieces and arrangements. Available in pink, purple, peach, yellow, and white varieties, this year-round flower ensures a touch of charm in any setting.

Seasonal Flowers

Autumn Flowers
As we bid farewell to summer and embrace the beauty of fall, prepare to be captivated by a vibrant tapestry of colors. With the changing leaves, enchanting sunsets, bountiful apple orchards, and charming pumpkin patches, September unveils a treasure trove of warm, rich hues. And guess what? These magnificent colors extend to your fall wedding flowers. Picture dramatic shades of orange, red, yellow, purple, and even brown. Whether you envision a rustic chic, classic, or boho-themed celebration, let your blooms take center stage in the captivating decor. Get ready as we unveil the most coveted and vibrant flowers of the season.
Garden roses
No matter when you tie the knot, roses are a must-have wedding flower. They symbolize love and romance across cultures. But what makes them perfect for fall weddings? It’s their incredible range of colors, from passionate reds and vibrant purples to delicate pinks, sunny yellows, and pure whites. Garden roses, known for their larger size and abundant petals, are a standout choice. With their gentle fragrance and versatile color palette, they’re an ideal match for fall weddings, especially in shades of peach, blush, and creamy tones. In fact, they bear a striking resemblance to the beloved peony, which happens to be out of season during the autumn months.
Dahlias, a beautiful tuberous-rooted flower, grace the late summer and early fall with their presence. Similar to peonies, ranunculus, and anemones, dahlias captivate with their magnificent blooms. These versatile flowers can be easily sourced locally, making them perfect for fall weddings. With their fluffy shape and wide range of colors, dahlias effortlessly complement any color scheme. From delicate blush and cream to vibrant yellows and marmalades, and even deep burgundy, dahlias offer a palette of options. Among the most popular varieties are pompon dahlias, showcasing tightly packed rounded petals, and cafe au lait dahlias, boasting longer, more fluffed out petals.
Cymbidium Orchids
These exotic plants are a hardy choice for fall wedding arrangements that can’t be displayed in vases. With their elegant colors, they pair beautifully with greenery like lisianthus and sweet peas. Cymbidium orchids come in a range of autumn hues including burgundy, mauve, yellow, green, purple, and chocolate brown with a striking red center. Trust us, this color combo is absolutely stunning for a fall wedding!
Burgundy and sage green Amaranthus, a perennial plant, is highly sought after for autumn weddings. Its cascading nature gracefully shapes bouquets, arches, hanging installations, and centerpieces, adding an organic touch to the popular waterfall bouquet trend.
These gorgeous blooms naturally flourish during autumn, making them an ideal choice for rustic or casual wedding themes. Take a closer look at spider mums, with their spiky light purple petals – they add a whimsical touch to any arrangement. And the best part? They come in a rainbow of colors, from pink and orange to bright green, yellow, and white. You can easily match them to your wedding decor.
Winter Flowers
While winter is often associated with snowy and cold weather, it doesn’t mean your winter wedding has to lack vibrant blossoms. Don’t let your special day be as bare as tree branches! Luckily, there are numerous in-season flowers during winter. So, whether you’re dreaming of a winter white wedding, a holiday-themed celebration, or an infusion of deep and sultry tones, we’ll uncover the best winter wedding flowers.
This versatile beauty can be enjoyed in bulb form or as a cut flower. With its long stems, it adds a touch of elegance and can be used in both traditional and contemporary designs. The amaryllis blooms from December all the way to late June, so if you’re planning a winter wedding, you’re in luck!
With their captivating black centers, anemones are adored by winter couples. These flowers, available from October to May, span a range of colors including white, yellow, and red. When combined with soft whites and natural greenery, they form a visually captivating bouquet that can be either classic or natural, depending on the accompanying blooms.
Astilbe, also known as “false goat’s beard,” lends a distinctive shape to wedding florals. This bloom brings character and volume to bridal bouquets and arrangements with its long stem and dainty blossoms. Whether you opt for white, red, or fuchsia, astilbe evokes a wintry charm, reminiscent of delicate icicles. It’s truly an excellent choice for a winter bloom!
With their captivating clusters of flowers in shades ranging from rosy pink to eggplant and even stark white, Astrantia blooms bring a unique touch to winter wedding florals. These stunning flowers offer a sharp shape that beautifully contrasts the softness of roses. The delicate white and mauve petals resemble snowflakes, making them a perfect addition to winter wedding celebrations.
Phalaenopsis Orchids
Phalaenopsis orchids possess an undeniable elegance and luxury, elevating any occasion they grace. Whether adorning a decorative centerpiece or accentuating the bride’s hair, these exquisite blooms add a touch of romance. For a stunning display, delicately pluck the blooms from the stem and arrange them in a captivating bouquet or boutonnière.
Spring Flowers
Spring, with its perfect weather and abundance of beautiful flowers, is undeniably one of the most favored seasons for weddings. Unlike the scorching heat of summer or the chilly weather of winter, spring offers the ideal conditions. Moreover, it’s the peak season for breathtaking blooms, meaning you’ll have a wide selection to choose from at potentially lower prices compared to winter or fall. Additionally, local growers are more likely to be fully stocked with everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true.
Get ready to be mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of peonies. These timeless flowers effortlessly embody various styles, whether you prefer a lush and opulent arrangement or a delicate and romantic touch. If you’re a spring bride, consider yourself lucky, as peonies will be in season just in time for your wedding. With their billowing petals, available in shades ranging from creamy whites and pale pinks to deep and radiant magentas, these prized perennials are the perfect choice to complement any wedding theme or desired look. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of peonies and let their elegance elevate your special day.
With their exquisite, rose-like blooms, Ranunculus flowers are truly a breed of their own. Over the years, their popularity has soared, boasting heavy ruffles and layers that add vibrant bursts of color and texture. From bouquets and boutonnieres to chuppahs and centerpieces, these Dutch flowers are renowned for infusing joy and elegance. Popular colors such as pink, rose, salmon, sunset orange, and classic white make them an enchanting choice.
Poppies have always been a top pick on fashion runways. But nowadays, we’re witnessing a rising trend of brides opting for this Instagram favorite. Poppies, similar to peonies, offer versatility, fitting different styles from bohemian and whimsical to sleek and contemporary. They come in a multitude of colors, like the vibrant red we commonly see, and even black for those seeking a unique touch!
Tulips, the quintessential flower of spring, exude boldness and beauty. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures – from ruffled and fringed to lily-shaped or wild – these blooms offer endless possibilities to match your wedding theme and style. Moreover, the red tulip holds the symbol of “perfect love,” adding even more significance to your special day.
Hydrangeas, with their large clusters of blooms in a stunning array of shades, from serene white and sunny yellow to vibrant pink and regal purple, effortlessly thrive in both sunlit and shaded environments. This versatility makes them a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings, captivating guests with their timeless beauty. Not only do hydrangeas offer a budget-friendly option for brides-to-be, but they also require a touch of extra care and attention compared to other flowers.
Summer Flowers
Summer weddings offer an abundance of opportunities when it comes to selecting your dreamy floral arrangements. With a wide range of naturally in-season flowers available, tying the knot between May and September guarantees a plethora of options in terms of color, size, shape, and scent. By choosing this time of year, you not only unlock unlimited possibilities for stunning blooms, but you also have the potential to save money. Since popular flowers like peonies are readily accessible during this season, your wedding florist won’t have to go to extensive measures to source them. This ensures that designers can deliver weddings and events that are truly breathtaking and unforgettable, thanks to the highest quality of floral products that make your special day truly one of a kind.
Freesias, beloved by wedding florists and designers, are a year-round flower adored for their dainty size and delicate allure. During the summer, they truly shine, with their lighter tones effortlessly complementing any arrangement or bouquet. The result? A captivating and intricate aesthetic that catches the eye. Not only that, freesias exude a delightful and refreshing fragrance, making them an absolute joy to work with.
When it comes to summer weddings, Anthuriums simply cannot be overlooked. Native to the lush tropical rainforests of South America, these captivating blooms are the epitome of beach or island-inspired nuptials. With their elegant long stems and vibrant hues, Anthuriums, or “flamingo lilies,” inject a burst of color into any celebration. From pretty pinks to ravishing reds, and charming purples to refreshing greens and yellows, these versatile flowers offer an array of stunning options for your special day. Get ready to add a touch of exotic charm with Anthuriums – the perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding experience.
Lavender, a petite yet exquisitely scented flower, holds tremendous allure during the summer months. Its delicate hues seamlessly complement the pastel palettes often favored by spring and summer couples. Whether incorporated into a captivating bouquet or used as an enchanting accent, lavender exudes a calming aroma while conjuring images of sun-kissed days. With its versatility, this stunning blossom effortlessly integrates into various design aesthetics, be it rustic and timeless or contemporary and chic.
These mesmerizing spiked flowers, indigenous to South Africa, are the perfect choice. Not only do they exude a sense of natural beauty, but they also possess remarkable endurance, capable of thriving in scorching summer temperatures. Say goodbye to wilted flowers under the sun! For a truly captivating ambiance, complement your proteas with accents like pampas grass and bleached greenery. Embrace the cool and laid-back vibes with this delightful combination.
Garden Roses
Experience the allure of garden roses, an epitome of romance and timelessness. Their simplicity, elegance, and breathtaking beauty are unparalleled—accompanied by an enchanting fragrance that captivates the senses. This season, they have become a favorite choice for brides, thanks to their delightful aroma, abundant petals, and captivating textures. Even when peonies are out of season, garden roses remain as a year-round floral delight, making them an excellent alternative. Not only do they offer the same fairytale look and feel, but they can also be a more budget-friendly option, depending on the variety you select. Indulge in the whimsical charm of garden roses for a summer wedding that exudes elegance and romanticism.

An Enthralling Insight on Wedding Flowers to Conclude

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