Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets for Your Portland Wedding

From fresh, vibrant roses to sweet-scented lilies, Amore Event Center has all of the perfect wedding flowers for your Portland area wedding. Our experienced florists will ensure that you get the perfect floral arrangements for your special day. We can create bouquets tailored to any theme or color scheme, including classic white and pink, soft pastels, or bright and bold colors. We can also provide unique accent pieces that will help your wedding décor stand out from the rest. With our Washington-based florists, you can be sure that your wedding flowers will be expertly crafted to match the beauty of your special day.

Our experienced team of wedding planners and designers in Vancouver, WA can help you bring your dream wedding to life. We specialize in making sure that every detail of your special day is perfect, from the decorations to the music. Our staff will work with you to make sure all of your ideas are brought together to create a truly memorable and unique event. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services, including catering, venue selection, and budget management. We can also help to coordinate with your florist to make sure that all of the floral arrangements are as beautiful and unique as you have always dreamed.

At Amore Events Design, we understand that planning a wedding is more than just selecting décor or finding the perfect venue. It’s about creating a day that is special, unique, and reflective of your love for one another. We are dedicated to helping you create the wedding of your dreams with our full suite of wedding services. Whether you need help selecting the right flowers for your Washington-based wedding or planning an unforgettable event in Vancouver WA,

What Are The Most Long-lasting Flowers For A Wedding?

When it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for a wedding, couples want only the best and most long-lasting blooms. Fortunately, there are a variety of gorgeous flower types that last for days, even weeks. Event florists and wedding planners can help guide couples towards selecting the best flowers for their special day.

Roses are one of the most popular choices for weddings and come in a wide range of colors. They are an excellent choice because they typically last up to 7 days with proper care. Garden roses often have ruffled petals and come in vibrant shades that add drama to any bouquet or centerpiece.

Carnations are another great option as they come in many colors and sizes. With proper care, carnations can last 10-12 days after being cut – quite impressive! Plus, they’re very affordable so they can be used in larger quantities and arrangements without breaking the bank.

Orchids are renowned for their stunning beauty and delicate blooms. While these exotic flowers don’t last as long as roses or carnations, they still have an impressive shelf life of 5-7 days when cared for properly. Orchids also look amazing when combined with other types of blooms to create breathtaking centerpieces or bouquets.

Finally, lilies are another popular choice at weddings due to their strong scent and soft petals. Lilies typically last up to two weeks after being cut if kept away from direct sunlight; however, be aware that some guests may suffer from allergies due to their pollen content!

When planning your special day, event florists and wedding planners can help you choose the perfect combination of long-lasting flowers for your dream wedding decorations. Whether you go for classic roses or something more exotic like orchids, you’ll end up with beautiful floral arrangements that will stay fresh throughout your celebration – making sure your big day is truly unforgettable!

Wedding Arches to Fall in Love With

When planning a wedding, couples in Portland and Vancouver have the unique opportunity to work with talented wedding designers and florists who can help create stunning and romantic backdrops for their special day. From sky-high arbors to whimsical floating arches, here are five of the most popular styles seen across the Pacific Northwest:

  1. Arbor – An archway traditionally made of wood, an arbor is a classic choice for any outdoor ceremony. Many couples opt to cover the structure in vines or blooms, while others choose to leave it bare for a more natural look.
  2. Greenery Arch – Greenery has become increasingly popular in weddings over the past few years, and this style of arch takes full advantage of its beauty. Whether adorned with foliage or left undecorated as part of an al fresco ceremony setup, these earthy frames make an excellent backdrop for any celebration.
  3. Floral Arch – If you’re looking for something a bit more grandiose than greenery, try out a floral arch! This eye-catching creation can be customized to suit your color palette and budget. When decorated professionally by a wedding designer or florist in Portland or Vancouver, these lush installations will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.
  4. Balloon Arch – A festive twist on traditional arches, balloon arches are quickly becoming one of the most requested designs at weddings throughout the Northwest. These airy installations come in all shapes and sizes – from simple round arches to intricate heart designs – making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor celebrations alike!
  5. Floating Arch – Showcasing vibrant balloons filled with helium or pom poms made from tissue paper, floating arches add an element of surprise and wonderment that your guest won’t soon forget! Best suited for outdoor venues with plenty of room to move around freely (such as gardens or parks), these unique creations are sure to make your special day extra memorable!

What is the best arch choice for weddings

When it comes to choosing the perfect arch for a wedding, there are many factors to consider. Of course, the overall aesthetic should be taken into account when selecting an arch; however, practicality should also be a major factor in the decision-making process. Factors such as weight, wind resistance, and ease of assembly should all be kept in mind when selecting an arch for your special day.

Wooden arches are often considered the classic choice due to their natural beauty and ability to fit almost any style of decor. However, wooden arches can be quite heavy and difficult to transport. Therefore, if moving or transporting the arch over long distances is necessary, metal arches may be more suitable due to their light weight and portability. Metal arches can also provide a modern look that is becoming increasingly popular in weddings today.

No matter what type of arch you decide on for your special day, remember that it should reflect your unique style and preferences while still being practical. Research different options available in Portland and Vancouver so you can find the perfect arch for your ceremony!

10 Head-Turning Bouquet Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is full of important decisions, but one of the most important—and most enjoyable—is choosing floral arrangements. Bouquets are a beautiful way to highlight your style and express your love on an unforgettable day. To help you find inspiration for your own wedding bouquet, here are 10 head-turning ideas from experienced florists in Oregon.

1. Rustic Floral Arrangement: For a romantic outdoor wedding, consider letting nature guide your arrangements with wildflowers like daisies, poppies, and foxgloves. This type of rustic bouquet looks best when arranged with minimal greenery and fillers—just the right balance of delicate blooms and natural beauty.

2. Monochromatic Bouquet: If you’re looking to make a bold statement with subtlety, consider a monochromatic bouquet that plays off one hue in multiple shades and textures. Soft pink roses paired with blush peonies or apricot carnations are some popular color combinations for this classic look.

3. Ombre Bouquet: When you want something different than the typical all-white arrangement, an ombre bouquet is the perfect choice for adding flair without overpowering your look. From light purples to deep blues or soft pinks to vibrant oranges, create depth and drama by selecting flowers in various hues along the same color spectrum.

4. Textured Greenery Bouquet: Not every bride wants traditional blooms; if you’re looking for something unique yet timelessly elegant, try a textured greenery bouquet created with lush foliage like eucalyptus and ferns paired with delicate flowers like sweet peas or forget-me-nots as accents.

5. Elegant White Bouquet: For brides who prefer understated elegance over bright colors, opt for an all-white bouquet composed of classic white roses interspersed with baby’s breath or lily of the valley as filler flowers. Add unexpected texture with dusty miller and lambs ear leaves intermingled throughout the stems for added dimensionality.

6. Cascade Bouquet: If you’d like to capture a sense of drama in your arrangement, go for a cascading design featuring lilies orchids as the focal point that spills down onto trailing ribbons on either side from its center top peak point . This look provides maximum wow factor without compromising on symmetry or style due to its artful yet balanced composition .

7. Garden Rose Garden: Give yourself an enchanted garden feel with an arrangement of high quality garden roses in blush tones paired with lavender waxflower accents . The simplicity of this look allows it to speak volumes without overpowering other design elements .

8 . Foliage Bridal Bouquets : Perfectly suited for autumn weddings , foliage bridal bouquets offer moody romance while maintaining neutrality within their color palette . Create this arrangement by weaving together varied foliage such as eucalyptus , ruscus , olive , pistache , rosemary , ferns , sage , bay laurel and ivy greens — each bringing unique texture into the mix while staying uniform within purposeful tones .

9 . Peony & Ranunculus : A classic favorite amongst brides — peony & ranunculus have become universally beloved since they pair beautifully together while offering feminine touches into any floral scheme set forth on wedding day . On its own — each bloom presents itself as having lush qualities so when combined into one cohesive design — these two varieties come alive .

10 . Mixed Wildflower Wedding Bouquets : If you want something refreshingly non-traditional — mixed wildflower wedding bouquets can provide just that ! With their unmistakable unstructured charm — these bundles consist of fresh favorites such as dahlias , scabiosa pods & honeysuckle vines intertwined among clover blossoms & bunny tails creating colorful expressions filled with personalized vibes !

Here is what you need to know about Portland and Vancouver, Wedding Florist

How much does a florist cost for a wedding 

Every wedding is unique, and the cost of hiring a florist for your special day can vary greatly. Factors like size, complexity, types of flowers used, and rental materials requested all play into the final cost. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to upwards of $5,000 or more depending on these factors.


For more budget-conscious brides and grooms, there are some ways to cut down on costs when hiring a florist. First off, hire a florist who specializes in weddings so they know what to look out for and help guide you along the way. Additionally, if you’re willing to go with in-season blooms or have artificial arrangements as opposed to fresh flowers (which can be costly), this will reduce the price significantly as well. Lastly, if you decide to DIY centerpieces or provide your own vases and containers for bouquets it may also help lower costs.

Whatever your budget might be, experienced florists in Portland and Vancouver can work with you to create stunning floral creations that fit within your price range. Consultations give you an opportunity to discuss what style of arrangements you’d like as well as the type of flowers that work best with certain seasonal availability. By working together with a florist and communicating needs/wants effectively it’s possible to produce beautiful floral décor that exceeds expectations while staying within budget. As one of the most important elements of any wedding celebration, it’s important to take into account all variables when determining how much a florist costs for a wedding day!


Do you tip the florist for wedding 

Tipping your florist for wedding services is always a nice gesture. If you’re happy with their work, it’s a kind way to show appreciation for the time and effort they put into making your day special. Generally speaking, tipping 10-20% of your total floral cost is an appropriate amount, though it ultimately comes down to personal preference. It’s also important to note that gratuity should be separate from the final invoice.

When deciding how much to tip your florist, consider factors such as complexity of the order, quality of service and communication, timeliness of delivery/set up, and general satisfaction with their work. These are all elements that go into creating memorable décor and help make your wedding vision come to life – something you can thank them for with a generous tip! Additionally, if you have a large order or require several pieces to be done in short notice it’s courteous to give more than average.

Although tipping isn’t mandatory when hiring Portland or Vancouver florists for weddings, it can be helpful in showing appreciation and rewarding hard work. When budgeting for wedding services make sure to leave some wiggle room in case there are any extra costs (such as tips). With this in mind you can ensure every aspect of your celebration is taken care of with ease!


How much are wedding florists?

The cost of hiring a wedding florist varies greatly depending on the size, complexity, type of flowers used and any rental materials requested. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to upwards of $5,000 or more for wedding florists. Of course, there are ways to help reduce the cost by opting for in-season blooms and artificial arrangements instead of fresh flowers. Additionally, if you decide to DIY centerpieces or provide your own vases and containers for bouquets, this can also lower costs significantly.

When budgeting for a wedding florist it is important to take into account all variables such as size and complexity of the order, quality of service and communication received from the florist, timeliness of delivery/set up and overall satisfaction with their work. It’s also important to keep in mind that gratuity should be separate from the final invoice.

To ensure you get an accurate estimate for your floral needs it is best to consult with experienced florists in Portland and Vancouver who specialize in weddings. They will be able to help guide you through the process and provide advice on what types of arrangements best suit your style while staying within your budget. If necessary they may also be able to suggest alternatives that fit within the desired price range while still delivering stunning results.

In terms of tipping a wedding florist it is always appreciated but not mandatory. A good rule of thumb is 10-20% of total floral costs as a sign of gratitude; however, this number may vary depending on how satisfied you are with their services as well as any extra effort they put into making your day special. With these tips in mind it’s easy to create beautiful floral décor that exceeds expectations while staying within budget!


When to book florist for wedding:

When it comes to booking a florist for your wedding, timing is key. You want to ensure you book early enough so that the florist has plenty of time to create the arrangements you need for your special day, but not too early that the flowers you order die or become unavailable due to seasonal changes. Generally speaking, it’s best to begin looking and booking your florist at least 8-10 months before the wedding date.

At this time you should start researching available florists and reading customer reviews in order to make an informed decision about who you hire. You may also want to get multiple quotes from different florists so that you can compare prices and services offered. When narrowing down your selection it’s important to consider factors such as style and type of flower arrangements they specialize in, their availability on the date of your wedding, communication and customer service skills, as well as their quality of work based on reviews from past clients.

ready to commit, be sure to book your chosen florist far enough ahead of time that they are able to accommodate your vision and timeline for the big day. It’s recommended that when signing a contract with them you include information like delivery times/locations, payment schedules, design ideas/concepts, any rental materials needed (such as vases or pedestals) along with estimated costs – this will help prevent any confusion or miscommunication further down the road.

Now that you’ve decided on a florist for your wedding it’s time to start discussing flower choices! Flower availability depends greatly on the season so keep this in mind when making decisions about which blooms should be included in your bouquets and centerpieces. Talk with your florist about what types of flowers are currently in season and what alternatives are available if some you had initially thought about aren’t available yet – this way you can choose something just as beautiful without breaking the bank!

Booking a florist for a wedding is no easy feat – there is so much planning involved and many details to take into account. However by following these tips it’s possible find someone with excellent customer service who delivers stunning floral designs while staying within budget!


How to choose a wedding florist 

When choosing a wedding florist, the first thing to consider is their portfolio. Have a look at pictures of previous arrangements they’ve created and ask them for references from former clients. This will help you decide if their style is suited to what you’re looking for and if their services are worth the investment. Additionally, inquire about any additional services they can offer such as delivery, setup/cleanup, rental items and more as these could potentially increase your total bill.

Secondly, it’s important to consider their availability in relation to your wedding date. Ask about how far in advance they will require booking so that you have enough time to plan and make all necessary decisions without rushing. It’s also important to inquire about any limitations on delivery or setup times that may affect where they can place the floral arrangements or when they must be picked up afterwards.

Thirdly, ask if the florist can provide personal assistance with choosing flowers that suit your desired style while staying within budget. Many florists have extensive knowledge of various blooms and advice on which ones best suit different occasions as well as an understanding of seasonal availability which can be immensely helpful when deciding what types of flowers to use for your wedding day arrangements.

Of course cost is always a factor when planning a wedding so it’s essential to get a clear idea of pricing before committing to any florist. Obtain quotes from multiple vendors and inquire about discounts for bulk orders or other special offers that may be available; this will help ensure you get the best deal while still getting quality services and products. Furthermore, depending on their policies it might be possible to negotiate prices; however don’t be afraid to walk away if someone is not willing to budge or willing meet your needs at an acceptable price point.

Finally, customer service should be taken into account when selecting a florist for your wedding day! Always keep communication open with potential vendors throughout the entire process and read online reviews whenever possible for an unbiased look into how people felt about their experience with them – this could save you from making potentially costly mistakes down the road!

Choosing a wedding florist is no easy task – there are many factors involved including budgeting, portfolios & references, availability & delivery timelines, flower selection & custom advice, cost negotiation & savings opportunities, customer service & reviews – but with careful consideration of each element one can make an informed decision that meets both stylistic preferences and financial requirements for their big day!


What to ask florist for wedding:

When choosing a wedding florist, it is important to ask the following questions:

-What is their portfolio of floral designs? Can they provide references from former clients?

-How far in advance do they need to be booked for a wedding ceremony? Are there any limitations on delivery or setup times that may affect where their arrangements can be placed?

-Can they provide personal assistance with choosing flowers that fit within your desired style and budget?

-What are their pricing and discounts for bulk orders or other special offers that may be available? Is it possible to negotiate prices with them?

-How was the customer service experience of past clients who have worked with them before, as indicated by reviews online or through word of mouth recommendations?


Do florists provide vases for weddings?

Many florists do provide vases for weddings, as they can be an integral part of many floral arrangements. Since the shape and size of vases vary greatly, it is important to ensure that the florist can provide you with a large selection to choose from in order to best suit your wedding day vision. When discussing this option with your florist, consider if they include the cost of the vases with their quote or if it is something additional and whether any rental fees may apply.

In addition to traditional glass vases, many florists offer unique alternatives such as baskets, decorative planters and even birdcages for an extra special touch to your wedding day table settings or ceremony site decorations. It’s also helpful to consider if the florist offers any customization options such as engraving or printing on glassware; this could be a great way to honor someone special or add a personal touch to your big day.

Aside from visual appeal, there are practical considerations when selecting wedding vases as well. Depending on what type of flowers you have chosen for your arrangements, you might need larger or smaller vessels than normal and it’s always important to make sure that the vase is watertight so that it doesn’t spill onto other decorations or cause damage during transport. If you are unsure about how much water needs to go into each vessel then speak with your florist who should be able to provide accurate advice based on their experience and knowledge.

In summary, most florists do provide vases for weddings which can help bring extra beauty and uniqueness to your floral arrangements while at the same time providing functional benefits such as keeping flowers hydrated during transportation and setup/cleanup times. When looking for vases for your wedding day look no further than your local florist who can assist in selecting the perfect vessels as well as offer helpful suggestions regarding size/shape requirements and water capacity calculations.


Do i need a florist for my wedding?

Yes, you need a florist for your wedding. Flowers are an essential part of any wedding ceremony and reception, and a florist can help ensure they look great. Florists have expertise in selecting the right flower arrangements and color schemes to match your wedding theme and style, while also staying within your budget. They can also provide valuable advice on how to make the most of your flower choices, both aesthetically and financially.

A professional florist is familiar with all of the latest trends in floral styling, from mixing different flowers together to creating unique bouquets that incorporate non-traditional elements such as herbs or succulents. A thoughtful floral design will add an extra layer of beauty to your décor and help create a memorable atmosphere for your special day. With their knowledge of wedding seasonals and varieties available in the area, florists can suggest which blooms are best for each location or season.

Furthermore, a florist is able to source specific kinds of flowers from around the world if needed. In addition to sourcing, they have access to tools such as vases, baskets, pedestal stands and other vessels that are needed to display the arrangements. These items can be expensive if purchased individually so it’s more cost effective having them included with the services of a florist.

Finally, it’s important to factor in cost when considering whether you need a florist for your wedding. Many couples opt for do-it-yourself weddings but this means that all aspects of decoration must be coordinated by themselves which can add up quickly. Using a florist can save time and money because they are able to negotiate better prices with wholesalers due to larger orders being placed at once as well as discounts on bulk orders due to their contacts in the industry. So even though upfront costs may seem high initially when using a florist it could end up being more economical than DIY options over time due to savings realized through bulk buying power.

In conclusion, having a professional florist on board is an invaluable asset when planning for any wedding. Not only do they bring expertise in selecting perfect flower arrangements but their connections within the industry provide access to products at discounted prices that may not be available elsewhere which helps save time and money in the long run!


What does a florist do for a wedding?

A florist plays a key role in a wedding, providing beautiful and unique floral arrangements that help to create a stunning and memorable atmosphere. They are able to select the best flowers for each location or season to match the wedding theme and style, while also staying within budget. Florists are familiar with all of the latest trends in floral styling, from mixing different flowers together to creating unique bouquets that incorporate non-traditional elements such as herbs or succulents. Additionally, they have access to tools such as vases, baskets, pedestal stands and other vessels that are needed to display the arrangements.

When planning their wedding, many couples opt to use a florist due to their ability to negotiate better prices with wholesalers due to bulk orders being placed at once as well as discounts on bulk orders due to their contacts in the industry. This can lead to significant savings on overall costs when compared with DIY options which may require more time and money for decoration coordination.

In addition to choosing lovely blooms for decoration purposes, florists can provide essential advice on how much water needs go into each vessel so that flowers remain hydrated during transportation and setup/cleanup times. Furthermore, they can source specific kinds of flowers from around the world if needed in order for the couple’s vision of their dream wedding come alive.

Overall, having a professional florist on board is an invaluable asset when planning any wedding since they bring expertise in selecting perfect flower arrangements while also connecting couples with discounted prices through their contacts within the industry. From selecting seasonal varieties of blooms that fit according to theme and style preferences down to arranging displays with vases and other vessels—florists are an integral part of any wedding celebration!


Are florists willing to do bouquets only wedding?

Yes, florists are usually more than willing to create stunning bouquets for a wedding. Whether you’re looking for traditional arrangements or something more unique and creative, florists can help bring your vision to life. Bouquets are the perfect way to add personality and style to any wedding ceremony.

When considering just bouquets for your wedding, it’s important to take into account what type of look you want. You can choose from a classic and timeless approach or go for something with a modern twist. Florists will be able to work with you and suggest flowers that best fit your desired style within your budget. Additionally, they can explain how different flower choices will look when combined together in an arrangement so that all the elements come together perfectly on the day of the event.

If you want to save on costs without skimping on beauty, it may be beneficial to limit the number of blooms per bouquet as well as select flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. This will help ensure that there is plenty of budget left over for other decorations such as centerpieces and aisle markers while still achieving a beautiful outcome. Florists have access to wholesale suppliers who offer discounts on bulk orders; which means that they might suggest ordering enough blooms ahead of time so that everything is ready before the big day arrives – allowing couples time and money savings in the long run!

In addition, florists can provide helpful advice regarding what kind of vases or holders should be used with each type of bouquet; this is especially useful if you don’t plan on having them professionally arranged by a florist prior to delivery or setup. This is because certain kinds of vessels may be needed in order for them to stay upright during transportation and setup/cleanup times; these items can be expensive if purchased individually so it’s more cost effective having them included with services from a professional florist who has access to discounted prices due their contacts in the industry.

Overall, florists are highly capable of creating breathtaking bouquets tailored specifically to any vision or theme a couple might have for their special day – whether it’s traditional or modern looks – while also taking into consideration budgetary concerns as well as providing helpful advice about necessary vessels required for display purposes.


Can florist make centerpieces for diy wedding?

Yes, florists can make centerpieces for DIY weddings. This is a great way to save money on flowers and still have the decorations you desire. Working with a florist will ensure that the centerpieces are designed according to your vision and theme of the wedding. The florist can also provide advice about which flowers to use and what types of vases or holders will be needed in order to keep them upright during transportation and setup/cleanup times. Additionally, they can connect couples with discounted prices through their contacts in the industry, so they can choose high-quality blooms without breaking the bank.

When it comes to choosing flowers for DIY centerpieces, couples should keep in mind their budget as well as seasonal availability of blooms in order to get the best value for their money. Florists can help couples select varieties of flowers that fit within their desired style preferences while also taking into consideration budgetary concerns. They may suggest ordering enough blooms ahead of time so that everything is ready before the big day arrives – allowing couples time and money savings in the long run!

Florists also have access to decorative vessels such as vases, glassware and other items that can add texture and depth to any arrangement. These items, along with greenery supplies like mosses, twigs or leaves can be used to create unique designs without increasing costs too much. Florists know how different flower choices will look when combined together in an arrangement so that all the elements come together perfectly on the day of the event, making them invaluable assets when planning a DIY wedding centerpiece decoration project.

Overall, working with a professional florist is an excellent way to create stunning centerpieces at a fraction of what it would cost if bought individually from retail shops or flower markets. With expertise and access to wholesale suppliers at discounted prices; along with advice regarding what type of vases or holders should be used – florists are an invaluable asset when planning any DIY wedding centerpiece decorations!


Can my florist visit my wedding venue?

Yes, it is definitely possible for your florist to visit the wedding venue prior to your big day. Having a florist visit the venue can be beneficial in several ways.

For starters, they can get an up close look at the space and get a better understanding of what kind of decorations and arrangements would work best in each particular area. This will allow them to make more informed decisions about which blooms should be used and determine how much would be needed for things such as centerpieces or bouquets. Additionally, a florist can help you plan out which areas in the venue will need extra attention on the day of the event; this way they can provide more assistance during setup and delivery times.

Moreover, having a florist visit the venue prior to your wedding day also helps with budgeting. By viewing the location ahead of time, they can accurately estimate how many flowers and other supplies are needed; this prevents any nasty surprises and keeps everything running smoothly on your special day. Also, while visiting your wedding venue in person they may be able to identify any potential problems that could arise due to weather or lighting conditions so that contingencies can be put into place if necessary.

Finally, a florist’s visit can also double as an opportunity for them to suggest ideas for enhancing certain areas of the venue or making improvements that weren’t considered before – often times these suggestions turn out to be invaluable additions to any wedding! In general, having someone who knows what looks good take a look at your setup ahead of time is always beneficial; especially when there’s so much depending on every little detail!


Can you ask wedding florist for cheaper flowers?

Yes, you can ask wedding florists for cheaper flowers! It is important to keep in mind, however, that some flower varieties are naturally more expensive than others and certain seasonal blooms may not be available during the time of year when your wedding is taking place. If you want to find more affordable flowers for your special day, it’s best to do some research and compare the prices of different floral varieties. Also, some florists offer discounts on bulk orders or when particular arrangements or decorations are purchased together as a package deal.

When searching for cheaper flowers, it is essential to keep in mind the quality of the blooms so as to ensure they look beautiful and last throughout your big day. There are many budget-friendly options that will still provide stunning visuals while also helping couples stay within their desired price range. For example, carnations, daisies and chrysanthemums are all great options that aren’t going to break the bank yet still look amazing in any bouquet or centerpiece. Additionally, combining a few different types of flowers will not only add variety but also help couples save money without sacrificing aesthetics.

It is important to keep in mind that by working with a professional florist you will have access to expert advice regarding which arrangements will give you the most value for the money spent; meaning that even if you opt for cheaper varieties it doesn’t mean they won’t make an impressive impact at your wedding. A skilled florist can provide creative tips on maximizing visual appeal while sticking within budget requirements – often times they can suggest alternative materials such as greenery or decorative vessels that can add texture without increasing costs too much. Plus they may have access to vendors who wholesale floral supplies at discounted prices – making it easier for couples to get exactly what they need at a fraction of what it would cost if bought individually from retail shops or flower markets!


Can you book a florist 1 month before a wedding?

Yes, you can book a florist one month before your wedding. However, it is important to note that this may not be enough time for the florist to create the arrangements and decorations you have in mind. When booking a florist one month prior to the event, it is important to discuss your vision with them so they can accurately gauge how much time and effort will be needed.

When booking a florist one month prior to the wedding date, it is also essential to confirm whether or not they offer any discounts or deals for early bird customers. Many florists are willing to offer discounts on services booked at least a month in advance as this allows them enough time to purchase all materials needed for the job and schedule those who will be helping out during setup. Additionally, if you need something like rentals for vases, tables or chairs – oftentimes these items must be reserved in advance so make sure to ask about any extra costs associated with obtaining them (such as delivery fees).

On top of that, it is important to keep in mind that when booking a florist one month prior there may not be as many varieties of flowers available since some blooms are seasonal and tend to go out of stock earlier than others due to their shorter lifespan. Therefore it is necessary to consider which flowers you would like used before reaching out so that the florist has sufficient time order them in advance if needed. Furthermore, by discussing what flowers you would like used ahead of time you will be able to assess prices more accurately – especially since many couture flower varieties have become more expensive due their increased demand over the years!

When booking any vendor 1 month prior it is always beneficial to ask questions regarding their availability on specific dates/times as well as what kind of backup options they offer if something goes wrong; this way should any issues arise on your special day there won’t be too much scrambling around trying figure things out at the last minute. Moreover, by confirming details 1 month ahead of time you can eliminate potential stress related worries and feel confident knowing everything has been taken care of properly from start until finish!


Can you create a design and florist copy for wedding?

Are you looking for a portland wedding florist or vancouver wa wedding florist to help bring your dream vision to life? Look no further than Amore Events Design! We specialize in creating custom floral arrangements that will make your heart swoon and wow all of your guests on the big day.

From cascading bouquets and centerpieces, to aisles adorned with romantic petals and altar pieces that take their breath away- we strive to create beauty while staying within budget requirements. Plus, our team of experts can provide creative tips on maximizing visual appeal while sticking within budget requirements – often times they can suggest alternative materials such as greenery or decorative vessels that can add texture without increasing costs too much.

Let us help you design the perfect look for your special day – book with us today and start planning an unforgettable event!


Can you negotiate with wedding florist?

Yes, you can negotiate with wedding florists in order to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal and arrangements for your special day. Negotiations can be a great way to get what you want while staying within budget. When negotiating with a florist, it is important to keep in mind that they are experts in their industry and will have an idea of what works best for your specific floral needs.

For example, if your desired flowers are out of season or too expensive, they may suggest substitutions with similar colors and varieties so that you can have the look and feel you desire without breaking the bank. Additionally, depending on the time frame requested, there may be room for negotiation when it comes to delivery costs or setup fees. In some cases, florists are willing to offer discounts for rush orders or if the client plans far enough ahead of time so that they can gather all materials needed in advance.

When negotiating with a wedding florist it is also important to communicate clearly about expectations surrounding rental items (vases, tablecloths, etc) as well as whether or not any labor associated with setup/takedown is included in the fee. In some cases, certain services (such as wiring individual blooms onto arches/arbors) require additional charges so make sure to ask about these hidden fees before committing to anything.

Finally, another important factor to consider when negotiating with a wedding florist is their portfolio of previous work. Reviewing images of their previous designs can help provide insight on whether or not their style aligns with what you have envisioned for your own event- giving you further leverage when it comes time to negotiate prices and services offered.


Can you use 2 different florist for wedding 

Yes, it is possible to use two different florists for your wedding. This can be a great option for couples who are looking for more creative freedom and control over the look and feel of their event. For example, you may choose one florist to create the centerpieces and bouquets while selecting another florist to design stunning ceremony backdrops or arches adorned with lush greenery.

Using two different florists allows for a more diverse selection of materials, shapes, and styles in order to create unique designs that truly reflect the theme and vision of your special day. Furthermore, opting to work with two separate florists provides couples with two sets of ideas – they can select their favorite elements from each proposal in order to create something completely original that looks fantastic and exudes romance.

When considering using two different florists it is important to discuss budget requirements upfront in order to ensure that you are receiving optimal value without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Additionally, keep in mind that working with multiple vendors requires careful coordination and communication between everyone involved; it is best practice to assign one person (such as the couple or the wedding planner) as the main point-of-contact who will take care of communicating necessary details such as delivery times, flower counts/types, etc.

It is also strongly advised that contracts be signed by all parties ahead of time so that expectations surrounding services provided are documented properly. This allows for an easier way of addressing any issues should they arise down the line – making it less likely for there to be unexpected surprises on your big day!

Finally, don’t forget about timing when selecting your floral team; depending on the complexity of arrangements requested you may need more than 2 weeks lead time so confirm details well ahead of time in order to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day!


Can you wedding florist live out of state?

Yes, it is possible to hire a wedding florist who lives out of state. Many florists are willing to travel and collaborate with clients in different locations and can often provide services at competitive rates due to the lower overhead costs associated with such arrangements.

When choosing a wedding florist from out of state, it is important to research the company’s reputation as well as any reviews left by previous clients. This will help you ascertain whether or not the florist is reliable and professional – which are two important qualities to have when planning a special event. Additionally, always ask for an online catalog or portfolio so that you can review their prior work before committing to anything – this will ensure that their style aligns with what you have envisioned for your own event.

When it comes time to negotiate with a wedding florist who lives out of state, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of these factors is shipping costs; given the distance between client and vendor you may incur additional fees when it comes time to acquire materials needed in order to create your desired floral arrangements. Furthermore, depending on how much lead time is requested by the client, extra charges may apply for rush orders or requests made last minute (within 48 hours).

Additionally, setup/takedown fees need to be addressed ahead of time since they will most likely vary depending on whether or not the florist has already arranged access/transport down state lines or if they need additional assistance in order to do this. It is also important for couples living out-of-state (and working with vendors from out of state) to document all expectations surrounding rental items and labor associated with setup/takedown via contract so that all parties involved are aware of exact requirements ahead of time (this includes ensuring that contracts are signed by both parties).

Finally, be sure to communicate clearly about timing needs – from delivery times and flower counts/types required down the line – so that all expectations can be met without issue. If done properly, hiring a wedding florist who lives out of state will result in stunning floral arrangements without breaking the bank!


Do florists put flowers on wedding cakes?

Yes, many florists do offer services that include putting flowers on wedding cakes. While cake decorating is typically a separate service from flower arranging, the two can be combined to create beautiful designs. This type of arrangement is becoming more and more popular as it adds a unique touch to wedding cakes and gives them an extra special look. Floral arrangements can be placed around the top of the cake or even scattered along its sides for a truly magnificent effect.

When deciding which florist to use for your special day, it’s important to keep in mind that not all florists are comfortable with putting flowers on cakes due to their delicate nature – some florists prefer not to work with food products at all. Therefore, it is best practice to research ahead of time and communicate expectations so that you can find someone who has experience working with both flowers and icing.

Cake-floral arrangements come in many different styles; some couples opt for single stems or small bouquets while others may want something extravagant such as cascading blooms or intricate garlands draped across the tiers of the cake. Regardless of the design chosen, your florist should be able to offer advice based on what they believe will look best given the season/theme of the event as well as their own artistic sensibilities.

It is also important to consider potential allergies when selecting flowers for your cake; make sure that no guests attending have any sensitivities before moving forward with any petal-based decorations, as certain blooms may cause complications if ingested (eucalyptus is a common culprit). Additionally, be sure to inform your florist about any food restrictions so that they can make adjustments accordingly – whether this means providing edible substitutes or opting for completely non-edible elements instead (such as ribbon or fabric).

Overall, including floral elements on your wedding cake is a great way to add personalization and elegance to one of the most memorable desserts served during your special day! When done correctly by an experienced professional who specializes in both cake decoration and flower arranging – these personalized touches will create lasting memories that you can cherish forever!


Do florists sell hydrangeas for weddings?

Yes, many florists do offer hydrangeas for weddings. Hydrangeas are a popular choice due to their lush and vibrant blooms, which make them a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. They also come in a variety of colors, from soft pastels to bold jewel tones, so they can be tailored to complement any wedding theme or color palette. Additionally, hydrangeas tend to last quite long once cut and put in water – often up to two weeks! – making them an ideal flower for couples looking for maximum longevity on their big day.

When ordering hydrangeas for your wedding florals, it is important to keep in mind that they require regular maintenance; they should be kept in cool temperatures (between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit) and out of direct sunlight. It is also important that they are given enough water regularly; if too little is given, the flowers will start wilting within days instead of lasting up to two weeks as expected. Your florist should give you detailed instructions on how often and how much water your specific arrangement will need based on the number of flowers and type of vase being used.

Hydrangeas have become increasingly popular for weddings over the past few years due to their versatility and ease of care – whether you’re looking for something subtle and classic or something bolder and more unexpected, hydrangeas can provide just the right touch! Plus, since they come in so many different colors, sizes and shapes – you can easily build an entire bouquet around these delicate blooms without breaking the bank!


Do I need to have a florist for my wedding?

Yes, if you are looking for the perfect flowers to decorate your wedding cakes and create stunning centerpieces and bouquets, then you will likely need a florist. Florists can provide you with high-quality blooms that are specifically tailored to your taste and budget while making sure they remain fresh throughout the day. They can also offer unique floral arrangements that will help bring your vision to life and make sure all floral details match your theme. Working with a florist is not only cost-effective but will save you time and energy as they can take care of all the details when it comes to selecting the right flowers, colors, sizes, shapes and smells.

Additionally, a florist will be able to provide insight into the most popular flower types in season as well as more creative alternatives depending on what style of decor you’re going for. As an expert in their field, they can also offer advice on creating memorable centerpieces or vases for your reception tables that make a statement without costing too much money. Plus, portland and vancouver wa wedding florists are experienced in working with both edible decorations -such as sugar flowers-as well as nonedible elements – like ribbon or fabric-to ensure everything is perfect for your big day!

Finally, having access to a florist’s expertise ensures that any allergies are taken into consideration when deciding on flower types; some blooms may cause complications if ingested (eucalyptus being one example) so it’s important to speak to someone who is familiar with potential sensitivities before placing any orders. A florist should be able to guide you through this process while also offering advice based on their personal artistic sensibilities – going above and beyond what can be found online or in magazines when it comes to making sure everything looks perfect!

The Benefits of a Triangle Ceremony Arch for a Level-Up Wedding

It is without a doubt that your chosen wedding arch can contribute to the overall ambiance of your special day. As is with any design, it comes in various styles that are sure to suit any theme you desire. One of which is the Triangle Ceremony Arch. Are you considering to get one on your special day? Well, you’re in luck! We’re here to tell you some of the best reasons to get a triangle wedding arch.


Modern and Unique

While traditional wedding archs can stand out in their own way, a triangle wedding arch can certainly bring out that modern unique touch on your wedding ceremony. It has become increasingly popular for couples looking for an extra special statement piece for their ceremony. This unique backdrop is the perfect way to frame both you and your partner during your special moment. With a wide range of materials and colors available, you can find the perfect one to fit any theme or aesthetic. This is best recommended especially when you’re going for a Bohemian theme. You sure won’t go out of style with this option, especially with an added touch of flair and elegance on your big day! 


Sturdy Built

In general, a wedding arch is very symbolic. It represents stability and success, and as a unique frame where you would first stand as husband and wife. But going beyond symbolism matters, a triangle wedding arch certainly has a sturdy built that’s meant to last longer than usual. Whether you are holding your wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors, you can assured to be worry-free. With its extraordinary attention to detail and beautiful triangle design, your triangle wedding arch is sure to last the test of time.



On top of being modern, unique, and sturdy, a triangle wedding arch exudes versatility. It has become a popular choice for many couples who are looking to capture unique backdrop for such a special day. Whether you’re looking to accommodate larger arrangements or some lush drapery, its versatile shape will allow you to switch designs according to your tastes and preferences. You can choose to hang mason jars or adorn it with fresh florals and greens. There’s no doubt you’ll create a lasting impression among your guests!


Timeless trend and popular

A triangle wedding arch is one of those timeless, classical pieces that remain to be a popular choice in the event planning industry. It is the perfect way to create a stunning and memorable ceremony moment to share with your family and friends. This type of arch lends an air of sophistication and elegance, but it’s also customizable so you can make it fit into any theme or color scheme. Plus, triangle arches are known for their durability, making them a great permanent option for any outdoor wedding setup. When selecting triangle arrangements for your special day, you can be sure that it will remain a treasured style detail that will last beyond the momentous occasion.


Get your triangle wedding arch rental with Amore Events Design

Make your wedding day a truly unique and remarkable experience with Amore Events Design! Our wedding planner in Vancouver, WA offers triangle wedding arch rentals so your wedding backdrop stands out from the crowd, as well as an array of beautiful Amore centerpieces that are sure to delight you and your guests. Put together the most creative pieces and avail of the perfect wedding package for yourself today with help from our professional team of event planners and florists at Amore Events Design. We’ll do our best to make your wedding dreams come true. Get in contact with us now to find out more! Call us at (971) 804-4120 or fill out our online contact form.

Dreaming of Copper Arch Wedding? Here’s How We Can Help

What could be any more romantic than getting married under a copper archway? It displays versatility and can help transform the wedding of your dreams into a timeless memory you’d want to keep replying to at the back of your mind over and over again. If you’re dreaming of tying the knot in this picturesque setting, we can help make your vision a reality. As we have discussed in a previous post, a wedding arch is also more than just for aesthetic purposes; it holds a significant symbolism that pertains to the union of you and your partner. This is why it’s important to make sure that you get the best copper arch for your union.

Our wedding planner team is experienced in creating beautiful events, and we’re here to share how we can work with you to bring your dream wedding visions to life. So if you’re looking for that unforgettable wedding experience, sit back and read until the end. 


Benefits of having a copper wedding arch

A copper wedding arch is a perfect addition to any wedding, offering a versatile and elegant backdrop for couples as they celebrate their big day. With its distinctive copper finish, this architectural feature can provide an eye-catching focal point for your wedding photos, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to your special occasion. Additionally, a copper arch provides the perfect setting for expressing your unique personal style and creating memorable decorative accents, from cascading flowers and lush greenery to hanging garlands and strands of twinkling lights. So if you’re planning a wedding day that’s both tasteful and stylish, be sure to consider incorporating a copper arch into your celebration. After all, with its striking aesthetic and timeless charm, it t has the power to make any wedding as memorable as ever. 


How to choose the right copper wedding arch

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right copper wedding arch. Of course, you would want something that is personalized and meaningful for you and your partner. 

First and foremost, it is important to consider the overall aesthetic of the arch itself – what style of the copper arch will best suit your vision for your ceremony? Is it more important to choose an ornate copper arch that displays intricate engraving, or would you prefer a no-frills copper arch? Additionally, you should take into account the size and shape of the copper arch itself. This will help determine where you can place this copper wedding backdrop and how much space you need for placement.

Another key consideration is durability. While copper arches are typically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, it is still important to consider whether or not your chosen copper arch will be able to stand up for heavy use on your big day. It is vital to choose a reputable manufacturer with a solid track record in building top-tier quality copper wedding arches. You may want to check portfolios containing past projects and how long event stylist teams or florists have been in practice. 

When making any major purchase such as a copper wedding arch, it is also important to consider the cost. While price should never be the top priority, it can certainly help narrow down your options based on what fits within your budget. 

Finally, you should think about how the entire setup will look at night – many copper wedding backdrops feature built-in lighting for beautiful evening photographs! By keeping these various factors in mind, you can be sure that you are selecting the perfect copper wedding arch for your special day.


Designs that will match your copper wedding arch

Copper wedding arch, in general, is very versatile. When it comes to designing a copper wedding arch, there are a number of options that can help create an elegant and eye-catching backdrop for your special day. One popular design choice is to pair the copper arch with flowing fabrics, such as organza or tulle. The soft and translucent quality of these materials is ideal for framing the copper archway and adding a romantic and dreamy touch to your ceremony. Additionally, copper can be complemented by other metallic elements, such as gold or silver. Depending on your theme, you can incorporate this into your preferred arch design. This combination creates a more high-end look, while also providing warmth and texture to balance out the coolness of copper. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or romantic and timeless classic, there are plenty of ways to enhance the beauty of your copper wedding arch. 


Amore Events Design: Your trusted wedding planners in Vancouver, WA

Design selection for a momentous event can be an overwhelming process, but fret not, this is what professional event planning teams are here for. If you are in Vancouver, WA, then we suggest that you look no further than Amore Events Design. Whether it’s a unique, personalized floral arrangement you are looking for or a copper wedding arch rental you are looking for, our team has got it covered for you! We’re always down to impart our skills through our professional services. We consider it a pleasure to help you bring your visions to life – something that will last a lifetime. 

Got a wedding booked? Get in touch with us at (971) 804-4120 or through our online contact form. Amore centerpieces and arch wedding backdrops await you!

Setting The Scene: Why An Arch Wedding Backdrop Is A Must-Have

As a wedding florist and events planning team in Vancouver, WA, we’ll admit it! We’re wedding-obsessed! And when we see an arch wedding backdrop, our hearts flutter and skip a beat. Not to be biased or anything, but it’s hard to deny how an arch wedding background can transform the scene and create a beautiful focal point for your photographs that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Now, we understand that this is a decision that may take some time. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to add an arch to your decor, read on. We’re going to give you five reasons why an arch is a must-have for your big day! Make sure to stick until the end!


Reason # 1: An arch wedding backdrop embodies an important symbol that goes beyond aesthetics.

If you think that an arch wedding backdrop is just there to be a mere decorative centerpiece, then allow us to elaborate on this. It goes beyond its aesthetic purposes. An arch wedding backdrop has long been considered a symbol of love, unity, and strength. A copper wedding arch is among the most popular choices because of how sturdy it is, just as how it aims to represent the union between you and your partner. An arch embodies all that is good and beautiful about a partnership. This is where your guests will first see you united as husband and wife. Not only do they serve as a gorgeous focal point for special events but also remind us of the many shared experiences and memories that come with being in love. It’s undeniable how this added centerpiece is sure to add an extra element of elegance and timelessness to your celebration. 


Reason # 2: An arch wedding backdrop will enhance your ceremony space.

Looking for a way to make your ceremony space stand out on your big day? An arch wedding backdrop can certainly do that for you! You can expect to add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your venue, making your wedding day a moment to remember. With the expertise of a wedding florist, they can take care of all the floral arrangements at your ceremony to help capture the details you want for your backdrop.


Reason # 3: An arch wedding backdrop will bring focus to the bride and the groom.

Whatever theme you have in mind, whether adorned with flowers, greenery, or sparkling lights, an arch wedding backdrop is sure to bring the focus to the bride and the groom. In addition to adding style and elegance to your big day, an arch backdrop also has practical benefits. First and foremost, it serves its functional purpose by displaying a natural focal point. Second, it builds up a sense of intimacy during the occasion between you and your guests. Lastly, a thoroughly designed arch will amplify the intricate details of your big day and will capture an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. 


Reason # 4: An arch wedding backdrop can be customized to reflect your personality and style as a couple.

When it comes to the perfect arch wedding backdrop, this can be subjective, and this is where customization and personalization enter the picture. There’s no doubt that arch wedding backdrops are the perfect way to infuse your special day with a touch of your unique style and personality. Whether you’re drawn to a classic look or something that has never been done yet, there are countless ways to customize an arch backdrop to suit your tastes and preferences. From simple floral arrangements to extravagant and bold patterns, it is possible to bring them to life! The options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect arch wedding backdrop, so don’t hesitate to get creative and have fun with it! Why not use an arch wedding backdrop that truly reflects you as a couple? After all, this is your chance to make your special day as picture-perfect as you’ve always dreamed it would be. With just a little bit of imagination and help, anything is possible! Besides, that’s what wedding florists and event planners like us are here for!


Reason # 5: An arch wedding backdrop can be a sturdy backdrop foundation for your other decorations. 

An arch wedding backdrop can serve as the perfect foundation for your other decorations. Whether you’re going for a classical or contemporary theme, an arch backdrop is durable enough to support any decorations you might have in mind. Furthermore, this type of backdrop is versatile; it allows you to express your creative flair without having to worry about it being suitable for the setting. You can look for pegs or visual inspiration online to get an idea; or better yet, you can always consult with a wedding florist or an event florist. 


Make your wedding day an extra flourishing one with Amore Events Design!

Are you convinced enough yet to get an arch wedding background on your special day as a couple? Then look no further than Amore Events Design! We have been a reputable wedding florist in Vancouver, WA, and Portland for years, as we help our clients achieve their dream weddings. Whether you are looking for a copper wedding arch rental or something with a more personalized touch, we’d be happy to team up with you to make your wedding day an extra special one courtesy of our exclusive Amore centerpieces. 

Call us now at (971) 804-4120 or get in touch with us online.

Which Of These Bridal Bouquets Fit Your Style?

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

You’ve booked your wedding planner from Vancouver, WA, your ceremony venue, and your reception venue. You’ve tackled the guest list, you’ve already envisioned how the event designing is going to go, and you even have your dream gown designer booked!

We’d definitely say you’re doing a good job with your wedding event planning.

But we also feel like you’re forgetting one of the more important parts of your bridal look.

What’s that, you ask?

Your bridal flowers, of course! After all, few things are as iconic as the bridal bouquet when it comes to any wedding detail

But did you know that aside from choosing your preferred flowers, you can also choose a preferred bouquet style?

If you didn’t, well, not to worry – this blog article is for you! We’ll take a look at the different types of bouquets and how to choose which one you should get. 

After reading this, you can confidently go to any wedding florist in Washington and ask for the bouquet that you want. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?


What are the different kinds of bridal bouquets?

What ARE the different kinds of bridal bouquets? Well, bouquets can range from a single stem with just one kind of flower, to a bunch of different flowers all in one arrangement. And while any florist in Portland might choose to innovate and come up with their own style, here are some of the types that you will regularly see in any wedding.


1. The Cascade Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is named so because, well, the bouquet is arranged to cascade downward, like a waterfall. If you like your bouquet to be whimsical and dreamy, then this style is perfect for you. It also goes with different wedding venues, whether you’re getting married in a garden, a ballroom, or even a church. 

This type of bouquet will definitely draw plenty of attention, so it might be best to have a simple gown to contrast it.


2. The Presentation Bouquet

The presentation bouquet is a style same as what we see during beauty pageants. The florist takes long-stemmed flowers, ties them together, and then the bride holds the entire arrangement across the body to rest in the crook of her arm. It’s more formal than most, so it might not be appropriate for you if you’re thinking of a more fun, less formal ceremony.


3. The Hand-Tied Bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets are flowers tied by ribbons or twine, with the stems seen at the bottom so that they feel like they were freshly picked. If you’re a bride who likes a bit of relaxation and freedom when it comes to weddings, you’ll love this style. It’s also great for bohemian and outdoor weddings.

Take note that if your florist does go a bit wild with adding flowers, it might get a bit heavy and uncomfortable to bring around the whole day.


4. The Round Bouquet

Round bouquets are composed of either one type of flower or a bunch of flowers that have the same color, arranged in a dome. This is the most timeless of all bridal bouquets. 

We recommend not making it too big, but not too small either – enough to be the iconic bouquet, but not TOO iconic to the point that it draws attention away from you!


5. The Composite Bouquet

The composite bouquet is a big flower that is made out of hundreds of small petals from other flowers. The petals are tied or glued together to resemble one big flower. It’s great if you want a bit of drama.

Do take note that since it takes time and effort to make, it’s more expensive than other bouquets.


6. The Posy Bouquet

The posy bouquet another classic choice of bouquets. It’s like the younger sibling of a round bouquet. The round shape isn’t as obvious, plus it’s a bit smaller – you can actually hold it in one hand.

If you want something a bit more petite, then this bridal bouquet is perfect for you. Do take note that since this arrangement is typically used for the entourage’s flowers, make sure it’s not too underwhelming or tiny for you as the bride!


How do I choose a bouquet?

So out of all these bouquets, which one should you get? In no particular order, here are some factors to consider.


1. Your color scheme

Why is the color scheme important? Because that’s how your event florist will choose your flowers. And from there, that’s when they’ll know what kind of arrangement will work. 


2. Your budget

This is another important factor because this is something to consider regarding your flower choice. Also, the more complicated the bouquet to make, the higher the cost. So if you want, say, a unique arrangement with really exotic flowers, you better make sure you set aside money for this!


3. Your wedding gown style

It would be best if you showed your florist a picture of your gown to help them make a bouquet that would go well with it. Sure, it’s white, which means it can go with anything, but other factors to consider are the cut, style, and material. For example, if you end up holding up your flowers higher than your waist during your photoshoot, would you still look great?


4. Your personality

Why your personality? Well, let’s say you’re a bride who’s very active and likes to move around a lot. Would your particular bouquet choice survive the wedding the whole day, especially if you chose just a hand-tied one and it’s composed of sensitive flowers? 


5. The weight and balance of your bouquet

Think about it: you’re going to be carrying around your flowers almost the whole day. Will the style you choose make things convenient for you?


6. Your wedding theme

If you have a garden boho wedding, the bouquet style that would look best would be different from, say, a formal church wedding or an indoor art deco-themed wedding. Ask your florist which bouquet styles go with what wedding themes to be safe.


Get your bridal bouquet from Amore Events and Design!

We hope this blog has helped you realize that when it comes to bridal bouquets, you won’t be limited to just one style. As you’ve just read, there are plenty to choose from!

But if you’re still not sure about what kind of flowers and style you should get…

Or if you already know what you want and you need a florist in Vancouver, Washington…

Then why not try us at Amore? Wedding and event decor is our specialty, and that includes bridal bouquets and flower setups! 

We guarantee that you won’t get half-baked services from us if you get us as your wedding florist. We’ll start with a personal consultation where we’ll make sure to listen to you and learn more about your style. Your dream wedding WILL be brought to life. 

Let us at Amore be your wedding event center. We promise you that we’ll take care of everything you need. 

Contact us today – we look forward to introducing you to a new world of design and style!

wedding florist in vancouver

The Ultimate Wedding Florist in Vancouver Guide: Best Flower Arrangements

Hey there, newly engaged Oregon bride-to-be! Have you set your date and your ceremony venue for your wedding?

If yes, then you’re ready for the next step: planning flower arrangements with your wedding florist in Vancouver!

You might be thinking that flowers are some of the last things to think about during the event planning phase, but we’re here to tell you right now, that you shouldn’t put them at the end!

Think about it: flowers are going to be part of your wedding budget. So you’d better think about how many flowers you’re going to get, where you’ll place them, where they’ll be needed, and so on.

Keep on reading as we discuss the usual flowers to plan for, as well as the general budget to set for them.


What are the usual flowers that one gets for weddings?

Let’s say you’re talking to your wedding florist in Vancouver. Here are the usual flowers that you’ll be discussing with them. We can divide these flowers into two categories: entourage flowers and flowers for the ceremony. 

Let’s take a closer look at each category.


Entourage Flowers

In no particular order, here are the flowers that fall under this category:


The bride’s bouquet

Obviously, this is the most important arrangement of flowers to get! Even if you’re on a budget, this is the floral piece that you should tell your event florist to go all out on. After all, it’s going to be your bouquet – that means everyone will be looking at it, and the photographers and videographers will be immortalizing it plenty of times.

Ensure that it is the best possible piece that fits your budget!


Hair flowers of the bride

This is an optional floral piece since most brides opt for traditional veils. Your wedding theme may not require you to have flowers in your hair. 

But if you do, again, don’t scrimp on this. They’re going to be on you, the bride, so they should look really beautiful, just like the bridal bouquet!


Bouquets of the bridesmaids

While in our opinion, the flowers of your entourage shouldn’t be as grand as yours (i.e. yours should be bigger and look more beautiful), they should still look pretty good. You’ll be hanging out with your girlfriends most of the time in pictures and videos – if they look good, you’ll look even better!


For the flower girls

Flower girls are always adorable, and as any florist in Portland knows, they look much cuter with flowers in their hair and baskets of flower petals. And of course, without flowers, you don’t have flower girls.


Boutonniere of the groom

Some grooms nowadays get custom boutonnieres, but plenty of others still opt for traditional flower boutonnieres. Since it’s for your groom, make sure it looks pretty special and makes him stand out from the crowd. And make sure it complements your bouquet as well, to really match you with each other.


Boutonnieres of the groom’s entourage

We recommend these to not be as elaborate as the groom’s but to still be classy and kind of look like the groom’s. That way, they’ll also look pretty dashing in the photos and videos.


Other flowers for the parents and other important guests

You can go for boutonnieres for the gentlemen, and either the same for the ladies or bouquets of their own. The important thing is that they’re all in your wedding theme.


Flowers for the venue or the reception

These flowers are more involved with the event designing aspect of your wedding. These are a lot but do take note that a lot of them are also optional. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Flowers for the aisle

You’d want every eye on the center, and floral arrangements in the middle will help do just that. Plus, they’ll make the area look beautiful!


A floral backdrop

This might be required if the area behind the entourage during the bridal march is less than appealing. You’d also need this definitely if your ceremony is indoors and you have nothing but a plain wall for a background. This will help make your photos look good!


Tossing petals

You know those nice beautiful shots with guests tossing petals at the newly married couple while they exit the church? Well, those aren’t random petals the guests picked up somewhere – florists provide them! You should definitely get these if you want to have photos and videos of the same effect.

While it’s also not required, it’s fun for guests, and petals are eco-friendly – definite pluses in our books.


Flowers for cocktail tables

This is an optional idea, but since guests will be hanging out at these tables during cocktail hour, might as well make them pretty, right? And you don’t have to splurge on flowers for these. Just small flowers in small vases in the middle of the tables will do.


Table centerpieces for reception tables

During the reception, these will be the main attraction or decoration of the tables. We don’t recommend them to be very high, as these will obstruct the view of guests trying to converse with one another across the tables. They might not be able to see the program very well either, which is something you don’t want.


Flowers for the bride’s and groom’s chairs

Make the chairs for you stand out with floral decorations, as well as signs that say “Newly Married” or something similar to that effect – as long as it fits your theme, of course. With that said, again, this is entirely optional.


Flowers for the wedding cake

This is yet another optional floral arrangement, since your cake may not really need flowers based on how it’s designed. The table it’s on, might, though, so that’s something to consider.


Bridal car flowers

Bridal cars usually get flowers in front and in the back, as well as a sign that says “Just Married.” This is something to keep in mind… unless you’re not going to have a car, so in that case, move on to the next arrangement!


Flowers for the bouquet toss

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet intact but still want to have a game of toss-the-bouquet, get one of these. Have a scaled-down version of your flowers made, and then enjoy tossing it to the single ladies!


Choosing Wedding flowers with the Best Wedding Florist in Vancouver, WA!

Remember that we said you have to set a budget for the flowers, which is why they’re important? Well, there’s your answer (which is also a question, incidentally):

What’s your budget?

If you have a small and/or simple wedding, go for the essential flowers (i.e. your bouquet, flowers for the aisle). If you have a bigger budget, then might as well go for everything your florist in Oregon can provide!

If you want a better idea of how to go about this, then contact us at Amore Wedding and Event Decor, your Best Wedding Florist in Vancouver, WA! We have a range of services that will fit any budget, and are guaranteed to produce next-level floral designs! 

We’re excited to hear about your floral vision for your wedding and making it come to life – contact us today!