The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Flower Budgeting in Sacramento

Congratulations! You have found the love of your life, and you’re planning to tie the knot soon. Planning a wedding is an exciting and challenging task, especially during the pandemic. From the guest list to the catering, there’s so much to plan.

One significant part of your budget will go to the wedding flowers. Flowers can make or break your wedding day, and it’s crucial to plan how much you’ll spend on them. We have gathered some tips that will help you allocate your budget wisely and ensure that your big day remains beautiful within your budget.


This blog post will guide you through the dos and don’ts of wedding flower budgeting in Sacramento.

1. Do Decde on Your Priorities

The first rule of budgeting is to identify your priorities. Prioritize the essential things that you want to focus on in your wedding budget. While planning for your wedding flowers, decide on the type of flowers and colors that you want to use. You don’t have to get every flower available. Choose the flowers that will suit your theme and style.

2. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

It’s essential to give your florist ample time to plan, order, and arrange your flowers before the big day. You don’t want to be disappointed with inadequate or poor-quality flowers just because you ordered them last minute. Ideally, you should start planning your flowers six months before your wedding date.

3. Do Opt for In-Season Flowers

It’s crucial to select in-season flowers as they are cost-effective and readily available. Out-of-season flowers will be expensive as some may require shipping costs. Before choosing your wedding flowers, ensure that you’ve done your research on in-season flowers that will suit your wedding theme.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

It’s okay if you have no idea about flowers or their arrangements. Florists are experts, and they have a wealth of information on how to design the best flowers for your wedding. You can ask for advice from your florist, family, or friends, especially those who have had weddings recently. They can help you make informed decisions, and their experience is invaluable.

5. Do Stick to Your Budget

When planning your wedding budget, allocate funds for your flowers. Be sure to communicate your budget to your florist. Your florist will guide you in making informed decisions that suit your budget. They can recommend cost-effective solutions that are still beautiful.


Flowers are an essential part of your wedding day, and budgeting for them is essential.

Prioritizing your needs, planning, and choosing in-season flowers, asking for advice, and sticking to your budget will ensure that your wedding flowers don’t become a financial burden. Your florist can help you make informed decisions and plan the best wedding flowers that will make your big day beautiful and memorable. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding day!