What Are The Most Long-lasting Flowers For A Wedding?

When it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for a wedding, couples want only the best and most long-lasting blooms. Fortunately, there are a variety of gorgeous flower types that last for days, even weeks. Event florists and wedding planners can help guide couples towards selecting the best flowers for their special day.

Roses are one of the most popular choices for weddings and come in a wide range of colors. They are an excellent choice because they typically last up to 7 days with proper care. Garden roses often have ruffled petals and come in vibrant shades that add drama to any bouquet or centerpiece.

Carnations are another great option as they come in many colors and sizes. With proper care, carnations can last 10-12 days after being cut – quite impressive! Plus, they’re very affordable so they can be used in larger quantities and arrangements without breaking the bank.

Orchids are renowned for their stunning beauty and delicate blooms. While these exotic flowers don’t last as long as roses or carnations, they still have an impressive shelf life of 5-7 days when cared for properly. Orchids also look amazing when combined with other types of blooms to create breathtaking centerpieces or bouquets.

Finally, lilies are another popular choice at weddings due to their strong scent and soft petals. Lilies typically last up to two weeks after being cut if kept away from direct sunlight; however, be aware that some guests may suffer from allergies due to their pollen content!

When planning your special day, event florists and wedding planners can help you choose the perfect combination of long-lasting flowers for your dream wedding decorations. Whether you go for classic roses or something more exotic like orchids, you’ll end up with beautiful floral arrangements that will stay fresh throughout your celebration – making sure your big day is truly unforgettable!