Creative Ways to Use Fabric at Your Wedding

Are you getting stressed doing your wedding event planning, especially with so many details that you need to think about?

Well, here’s something to think about that will hopefully help you calm down. When it comes to wedding planning, whatever you want to happen, it’s totally allowed!

You can be as creative as you want to be. It’s your wedding after all!

Are you calmer now? No? Need actual ideas to give your creativity some direction? We got you.

Event Design and Planning Services in Vancouver, WA is our specialty, after all!

So for this article, let’s take a look at one of the most underlooked but often used elements in any wedding: fabric. 

It’s something that can add personality and uniqueness to your wedding – if you use it correctly. 

Fret not – there are plenty of ways to use fabric! Let’s get to the different uses, shall we?


For gowns, suits, and clothes 

One of the most popular and obvious uses of fabric is for your wedding day clothes. You can pick from all sorts of fabric to make your own wedding dress. 

Our only tip regarding this is to make sure the fabric is appropriate for whatever wedding you have in mind. For example, we suggest picking out something made in linen if you plan to have a beach wedding.

And the clothes are not limited to you as the bride. You can also require your wedding entourage to have something made with the same material. That way, all of you have one uniform look and theme.


Ring pillow material

No one wants a generic ring pillow, right? Decorating your ring pillow with different fabrics will give it a unique look. 

You can use the same fabric used in the clothes for a uniform look. Of course, no one will stop you if you use different fabrics for contrast!



Want to add a little more oomph to your wedding shoes? If you or one of your loved ones are handy with DIY stuff, make some nice ribbons with your fabric of choice, then glue them to the back of your shoes. Goodbye, boring, standard shoes!



You can also make other accessories using fabric such as headpieces, ribbons, corsages, or neckties.


Decorate flower girl baskets

Instead of just having a regular flower basket, you can wrap the basket with chiffon or tulle to level up its look and make it more memorable.


DIY wedding favors

If you are looking for a unique favor that your guests will love, consider using fabric to make DIY wedding favors. You can use fabric to make anything from tote bags to keychains. Get creative and see what you can come up with!



If you’re having a rustic or bohemian-themed wedding, why not create flower bouquets out of cloth? Not only are they unique, but they will also last pretty much forever! 

If you still prefer real flowers, you can use fabric to hold the flowers together.


Creative table runners and centerpieces

For event designing, you can use fabric to create unique table runners and centerpieces. For example, you could use the cloth to make a banner that goes down the middle of the table. You could also wrap the fabric around vases or candles to add a pop of color. 


Wedding cake accessory

Another way to use the fabric is to get creative with your wedding cake. If for example, you prefer a naked cake but want to add a little more something to the look, why not use some cloth to make a beautiful cake topper? You can also use fabric to decorate the cake stand or the cake table, especially if these two don’t look so good or don’t fit in with your current theme.


Backdrops and curtains

Another great way to use the fabric is to create beautiful backdrops and curtains. This can be done by draping the material from the ceiling or over doorways and windows.

Take note that doing this is a great way to add privacy to your indoor ceremony while still allowing natural light to come in. You can also use this technique to frame the head table at the reception or any other particular areas that you want to highlight.


Bows for chairs

If you can add ribbons to the back of your shoes, why not at the back of chairs? This is a simple and easy way to add personality to otherwise plain seats!


Fabric napkins

You can personalize place settings with fabric napkins, placemats, and utensil holders.


Refreshment holders

Liven up your refreshment holders with different fabrics. You can use it for wraps for cookies, popcorn cones, lollipop handles, glasses, and anything handheld.


Brightening up planters or pots

Create more elegant plant pieces by wrapping planters with fabric, adding texture and interest to these simple pots. Keep them in place with a strong adhesive!


Shade from the sun

Fabric is a great way to shelter the celebrants and guests from the sun for an outdoor wedding. You’ll get something classier than an umbrella while still providing the same function. Plus, a fabric sunshade will give your wedding high society feels!


Livening up the ceremony and reception spaces

Add some more flair to your ceremony and reception areas with fabric! You can use soft fabrics like tulle, chiffon, and lace to create dreamy looks or some more lively fabrics to make a statement.


Wedding arches

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Why not use some fabric to decorate wedding arches? That’s going to add a super romantic touch to your wedding!

You can also use fabric to decorate the aisle by lining it with material on either side.


Photobooth backdrops 

Have fun decorating your photo booth area with different colors and textures of fabric. Doing so will make your wedding remembrance photos super unique and memorable!


Invitation cards 

There’s nothing more personal than receiving real invitation cards, wouldn’t you agree? Make it more unique by incorporating part fabric to decorate your invitation cards. You can use the cloth to make ribbons, or if you’re up to it, a special kind of envelope made out of that fabric!


Seating chart

When guests check out their seating arrangement, make your seating chart as enchanting as possible with some fabric of your choice. That way, people will be drawn to it and know immediately where they need to sit.


Get Amore Wedding and Event Decor for more fabric use ideas!

As you can see, there are so many ways you can creatively use fabric in your wedding! We hope this list has inspired you!

If you need more ideas about the use of fabric in your wedding (as well as anything related to beautifying your event), we suggest getting the services of an event designer. And if you need an event designer in Vancouver, WA, there’s no one better than us at Amore Events and Design.

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