The Ultimate Guide To Choose Wedding Flowers

A wedding, without a doubt, is one of the most anticipated events in a lifetime. From the people to the dresses to the decorations, everything is bound to make a long-lasting impression, which is why thorough planning is needed to make it a remarkable moment to remember.

Flowers are a very significant element to a wedding celebration and choosing wedding flowers the right way will certainly impact your event. It is YOUR day so you would want to make sure that you are choosing the perfect blooms that will make your day extra special. However, as experts on this matter, we can understand how overwhelming it is to break down your choices. For instance, which flowers would be perfect for the wedding? Which type can be mixed together? Will your choices be cost-effective or will you go way over your budget? With the rest of wedding details to think about at the top of your head, it wouldn’t hurt to seek help from professionals.

This is where wedding florists can be of service to you! For starters, we are here to share some helpful tips that can serve as your ultimate guide in your wedding planning journey! 

Are you ready to learn more about choosing wedding flowers? Read on and feel free to take notes! 


Start early

The saying that “the early birds catch the worm” couldn’t be any truer when it comes to the world of wedding event planning. These things take time, with some even requiring bookings as early as a year from the actual event. So it’s important to start your research and crowdsourcing as early as possible. 


Determine your style, theme, and preferences

When it comes to choosing your blooms for your big day, it is important to know the style you want during your event planning stage. It is important to be clear about the theme or style that you want. Consider if you would like something classical, vintage, or something modern with a twist because there are specialized wedding florists that are deemed reputable and seasoned experts in specific styles. If you are overwhelmed with the idea, you can also brainstorm with your wedding planner or maid of honor,  and after throwing in all the ideas you have in mind, they may be able to recommend a good event or wedding florist to add onboard in your planning team!


Research on Choosing Wedding Flowers

Doing your own research homework can certainly be helpful in your hunt for the best flower to add color and significance on your wedding day! You can familiarize yourself with the different kinds of flowers used in weddings or discover a type you’ve never heard of! If you still haven’t decided on a theme or style after your brainstorming session with your planning team, you can search the entire world wide web for inspiration. Pinterest is one of the best places to get your inspirations from. You can create visual mood boards and consolidate your ideas per style and color schemes. 

After which, you can start looking for potential wedding florists who may specialize on your desired style and theme. For instance, if you are looking for something that has a more traditional touch, you can look for florists that specialize on this style. Being aligned with your florist is important as you will be working closely together, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with your preferences and their styles. You may also want to make mention of your wedding entourage’s dress code and photos of your event venue as this may help your florist in curating a floral arrangement proposal for you. 


Set your budget

After doing some well-thought and thorough research and price quotations, you will be able to determine get a headstart on the budget needed for your flower arrangement. It is important for your prospect florist to know how much budget they can work on to effectively allocate the available resources. They may be able to offer packages that will work on the budget you have. In case that it doesn, you can check on the other options that you have.


Hire your florist

After narrowing down your options, we are certain that you will be able to find a wedding florist that you can work with. We have mentioned this earlier – it is important that you and your chosen wedding florist are aligned in terms of vision and communication. It is important to hire someone that can understand and make your flower arrangement dreams come true. You can review their past design experiences and review feedbacks from past clients. 

As we have also mentioned earlier, it is important to start your crowdsourcing as early as one year from the date of your wedding. Booking may become a challenge, especially if your event falls during the peak wedding season. 


Amore Wedding Events and Design: The Best Wedding Florist in Washington

As seasoned wedding florists in Oregon and Portland, we at Amore Wedding Events and Design couldn’t deny that we love being a part of celebrations for sure and we’re experts in choosing wedding flowers! There’s a reason why a number of Vancouver and Washington brides turn to us when it comes to bringing their dream flower arrangements to life! We consider our style to be adaptable and changing. Whether you want something traditional or you would like to combine something classical with a modern twist, we can work on timeless pieces through customization of florals and backdrops. 

Our loving and dedicated team is ready to listen to you and guide you in choosing wedding flowers. After all, this is YOUR big day and we consider it a privilege to become a part of it through the art of floral arrangement. We hope to serve you to the best that we could and make your wedding bloom with everlasting memories of a lifetime!