The Ultimate Wedding Florist in Vancouver Guide: Best Flower Arrangements

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Hey there, newly engaged Oregon bride-to-be! Have you set your date and your ceremony venue for your wedding?

If yes, then you’re ready for the next step: planning flower arrangements with your wedding florist in Vancouver!

You might be thinking that flowers are some of the last things to think about during the event planning phase, but we’re here to tell you right now, that you shouldn’t put them at the end!

Think about it: flowers are going to be part of your wedding budget. So you’d better think about how many flowers you’re going to get, where you’ll place them, where they’ll be needed, and so on.

Keep on reading as we discuss the usual flowers to plan for, as well as the general budget to set for them.


What are the usual flowers that one gets for weddings?

Let’s say you’re talking to your wedding florist in Vancouver. Here are the usual flowers that you’ll be discussing with them. We can divide these flowers into two categories: entourage flowers and flowers for the ceremony. 

Let’s take a closer look at each category.


Entourage Flowers

In no particular order, here are the flowers that fall under this category:


The bride’s bouquet

Obviously, this is the most important arrangement of flowers to get! Even if you’re on a budget, this is the floral piece that you should tell your event florist to go all out on. After all, it’s going to be your bouquet – that means everyone will be looking at it, and the photographers and videographers will be immortalizing it plenty of times.

Ensure that it is the best possible piece that fits your budget!


Hair flowers of the bride

This is an optional floral piece since most brides opt for traditional veils. Your wedding theme may not require you to have flowers in your hair. 

But if you do, again, don’t scrimp on this. They’re going to be on you, the bride, so they should look really beautiful, just like the bridal bouquet!


Bouquets of the bridesmaids

While in our opinion, the flowers of your entourage shouldn’t be as grand as yours (i.e. yours should be bigger and look more beautiful), they should still look pretty good. You’ll be hanging out with your girlfriends most of the time in pictures and videos – if they look good, you’ll look even better!


For the flower girls

Flower girls are always adorable, and as any florist in Portland knows, they look much cuter with flowers in their hair and baskets of flower petals. And of course, without flowers, you don’t have flower girls.


Boutonniere of the groom

Some grooms nowadays get custom boutonnieres, but plenty of others still opt for traditional flower boutonnieres. Since it’s for your groom, make sure it looks pretty special and makes him stand out from the crowd. And make sure it complements your bouquet as well, to really match you with each other.


Boutonnieres of the groom’s entourage

We recommend these to not be as elaborate as the groom’s but to still be classy and kind of look like the groom’s. That way, they’ll also look pretty dashing in the photos and videos.


Other flowers for the parents and other important guests

You can go for boutonnieres for the gentlemen, and either the same for the ladies or bouquets of their own. The important thing is that they’re all in your wedding theme.


Flowers for the venue or the reception

These flowers are more involved with the event designing aspect of your wedding. These are a lot but do take note that a lot of them are also optional. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Flowers for the aisle

You’d want every eye on the center, and floral arrangements in the middle will help do just that. Plus, they’ll make the area look beautiful!


A floral backdrop

This might be required if the area behind the entourage during the bridal march is less than appealing. You’d also need this definitely if your ceremony is indoors and you have nothing but a plain wall for a background. This will help make your photos look good!


Tossing petals

You know those nice beautiful shots with guests tossing petals at the newly married couple while they exit the church? Well, those aren’t random petals the guests picked up somewhere – florists provide them! You should definitely get these if you want to have photos and videos of the same effect.

While it’s also not required, it’s fun for guests, and petals are eco-friendly – definite pluses in our books.


Flowers for cocktail tables

This is an optional idea, but since guests will be hanging out at these tables during cocktail hour, might as well make them pretty, right? And you don’t have to splurge on flowers for these. Just small flowers in small vases in the middle of the tables will do.


Table centerpieces for reception tables

During the reception, these will be the main attraction or decoration of the tables. We don’t recommend them to be very high, as these will obstruct the view of guests trying to converse with one another across the tables. They might not be able to see the program very well either, which is something you don’t want.


Flowers for the bride’s and groom’s chairs

Make the chairs for you stand out with floral decorations, as well as signs that say “Newly Married” or something similar to that effect – as long as it fits your theme, of course. With that said, again, this is entirely optional.


Flowers for the wedding cake

This is yet another optional floral arrangement, since your cake may not really need flowers based on how it’s designed. The table it’s on, might, though, so that’s something to consider.


Bridal car flowers

Bridal cars usually get flowers in front and in the back, as well as a sign that says “Just Married.” This is something to keep in mind… unless you’re not going to have a car, so in that case, move on to the next arrangement!


Flowers for the bouquet toss

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet intact but still want to have a game of toss-the-bouquet, get one of these. Have a scaled-down version of your flowers made, and then enjoy tossing it to the single ladies!


Choosing Wedding flowers with the Best Wedding Florist in Vancouver, WA!

Remember that we said you have to set a budget for the flowers, which is why they’re important? Well, there’s your answer (which is also a question, incidentally):

What’s your budget?

If you have a small and/or simple wedding, go for the essential flowers (i.e. your bouquet, flowers for the aisle). If you have a bigger budget, then might as well go for everything your florist in Oregon can provide!

If you want a better idea of how to go about this, then contact us at Amore Wedding and Event Decor, your Best Wedding Florist in Vancouver, WA! We have a range of services that will fit any budget, and are guaranteed to produce next-level floral designs! 

We’re excited to hear about your floral vision for your wedding and making it come to life – contact us today!