Which Of These Bridal Bouquets Fit Your Style?

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

You’ve booked your wedding planner from Vancouver, WA, your ceremony venue, and your reception venue. You’ve tackled the guest list, you’ve already envisioned how the event designing is going to go, and you even have your dream gown designer booked!

We’d definitely say you’re doing a good job with your wedding event planning.

But we also feel like you’re forgetting one of the more important parts of your bridal look.

What’s that, you ask?

Your bridal flowers, of course! After all, few things are as iconic as the bridal bouquet when it comes to any wedding detail

But did you know that aside from choosing your preferred flowers, you can also choose a preferred bouquet style?

If you didn’t, well, not to worry – this blog article is for you! We’ll take a look at the different types of bouquets and how to choose which one you should get. 

After reading this, you can confidently go to any wedding florist in Washington and ask for the bouquet that you want. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?


What are the different kinds of bridal bouquets?

What ARE the different kinds of bridal bouquets? Well, bouquets can range from a single stem with just one kind of flower, to a bunch of different flowers all in one arrangement. And while any florist in Portland might choose to innovate and come up with their own style, here are some of the types that you will regularly see in any wedding.


1. The Cascade Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is named so because, well, the bouquet is arranged to cascade downward, like a waterfall. If you like your bouquet to be whimsical and dreamy, then this style is perfect for you. It also goes with different wedding venues, whether you’re getting married in a garden, a ballroom, or even a church. 

This type of bouquet will definitely draw plenty of attention, so it might be best to have a simple gown to contrast it.


2. The Presentation Bouquet

The presentation bouquet is a style same as what we see during beauty pageants. The florist takes long-stemmed flowers, ties them together, and then the bride holds the entire arrangement across the body to rest in the crook of her arm. It’s more formal than most, so it might not be appropriate for you if you’re thinking of a more fun, less formal ceremony.


3. The Hand-Tied Bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets are flowers tied by ribbons or twine, with the stems seen at the bottom so that they feel like they were freshly picked. If you’re a bride who likes a bit of relaxation and freedom when it comes to weddings, you’ll love this style. It’s also great for bohemian and outdoor weddings.

Take note that if your florist does go a bit wild with adding flowers, it might get a bit heavy and uncomfortable to bring around the whole day.


4. The Round Bouquet

Round bouquets are composed of either one type of flower or a bunch of flowers that have the same color, arranged in a dome. This is the most timeless of all bridal bouquets. 

We recommend not making it too big, but not too small either – enough to be the iconic bouquet, but not TOO iconic to the point that it draws attention away from you!


5. The Composite Bouquet

The composite bouquet is a big flower that is made out of hundreds of small petals from other flowers. The petals are tied or glued together to resemble one big flower. It’s great if you want a bit of drama.

Do take note that since it takes time and effort to make, it’s more expensive than other bouquets.


6. The Posy Bouquet

The posy bouquet another classic choice of bouquets. It’s like the younger sibling of a round bouquet. The round shape isn’t as obvious, plus it’s a bit smaller – you can actually hold it in one hand.

If you want something a bit more petite, then this bridal bouquet is perfect for you. Do take note that since this arrangement is typically used for the entourage’s flowers, make sure it’s not too underwhelming or tiny for you as the bride!


How do I choose a bouquet?

So out of all these bouquets, which one should you get? In no particular order, here are some factors to consider.


1. Your color scheme

Why is the color scheme important? Because that’s how your event florist will choose your flowers. And from there, that’s when they’ll know what kind of arrangement will work. 


2. Your budget

This is another important factor because this is something to consider regarding your flower choice. Also, the more complicated the bouquet to make, the higher the cost. So if you want, say, a unique arrangement with really exotic flowers, you better make sure you set aside money for this!


3. Your wedding gown style

It would be best if you showed your florist a picture of your gown to help them make a bouquet that would go well with it. Sure, it’s white, which means it can go with anything, but other factors to consider are the cut, style, and material. For example, if you end up holding up your flowers higher than your waist during your photoshoot, would you still look great?


4. Your personality

Why your personality? Well, let’s say you’re a bride who’s very active and likes to move around a lot. Would your particular bouquet choice survive the wedding the whole day, especially if you chose just a hand-tied one and it’s composed of sensitive flowers? 


5. The weight and balance of your bouquet

Think about it: you’re going to be carrying around your flowers almost the whole day. Will the style you choose make things convenient for you?


6. Your wedding theme

If you have a garden boho wedding, the bouquet style that would look best would be different from, say, a formal church wedding or an indoor art deco-themed wedding. Ask your florist which bouquet styles go with what wedding themes to be safe.


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